Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I don't think I'm ready for this - A naruto one-shot [LEMON]

Dedicated to one of my best friends, xXnarutosgirlXx, because she absolutely adores Naruto-San, so she should enjoy this. Love you, Naru-Chan♥

Character your choosing: Uzumaki Naruto
Aya Hiro
Age: 15
Personality: Incredibly loud, Aya loves to be with other people, and loves hugs[I'm modeling this after you, Naru-Chan ><]. She loves to be with her friends and can never seem to stop talking. She's friendly and will help out friends in need.

Time period: Shippuuden
Team?: Seven, Kakashi's team
Blood-line trait?: None, she just kicks ass .___.
Rank: Chuunin

Naruto =

Age = 15

.::. Story start .::.

Noise, lots and lots of noise, just how she liked it! Sitting in the middle of market-hour seemed like the best time of the day, for her anyway... 'Her' name was Aya, which meant colourful[Or something along those lines]. She was extremely bright, and loved to talk with people. Her spirit cheered anybody up, and she gave the best hugs in the entire world. Eeven the thought of her hugs cheered even the saddest person up. Except, for the very depressed Naruto, who had, yet again, been rejected by his one and only crush: Sakura.
"Don't be so sad, Naruto-Kun," Aya said sweetly as she patted his hand comfortingly, "I'll always be here for you!" He merely frowned at her, full of depressed energy, that wouldn't leave until he ate another fourty bowls of Ramen.
"Aya-Chan, I'm sick of being rejected! Why can't people just accept meeee~?" He whined into the table, smashing his head against it. Aya winced at the sound it made when it made contact with the table.
Letting out a sad sigh, she placed her hand on Naruto's shoulder. "There there, Ramen-boy, I know exactly how you feel-"
"You do...?" He asked in somewhat disbelief. In the eyes of Naruto, Aya was the girl, who got guys, with absolute ease... It wasn't exactly like that.
"Yee~ah! I got rejected by Sasuke last month, because he's an ass." She replied happily, beaming at the blonde boy before her.
"Sasuke rejects everybody..." Naruto muttered in a depressed tone, burrying his head into his sleeve once more.
"A-Ah, Naruto-Kun..."

Aya sighed as she crossed her arms over her chest, feeling... annoyed, about how Naruto was acting lately. How depressed he was, how sad he was... And the fact she couldn't do anything to help him get rid of the utter-depression that hid deep within his fragile heart.
The thought of Sakura rejecting Naruto again wasn't... unheard of, it was just a shame, because Naruto wanted somebody in his life more than anything in the world, he wanted somebody to be with, but people kept on rejecting him, left right and center... Poor Naruto...
"Hey, Aya-Chan," A voice called from the distance, "Wait for me!" She turned, seeing Naruto running towards her like absolute crazy.
Smiling, she waved, "Konbanwa, Naruto-San,"
Stopping in front of her, he held his arms out for a hug, "I need to tell you something, Aya-Chan," She stepped forward, walking into his warm clothing and his loving smell.

The two plopped gently into Aya's living room, both on the same couch, facing each other. It looked like Naruto was pretty nervous...
"Aya-Chan, do you like me?" He asked silently, a soft blush appearing on his gentle face.
"Sure I do, your a great friend," She replied simply.
"I...I didn't mean it like that, Aya-Chan..." He muttered softly, frowning as he looked at the floor. Aya blushed, about nineteen shades of red and pink.
"A-ah... Oh.. I... Yeah, I do, Naruto..." She answered nervously. Truth was, she'd liked Naruto for as long as she could remember, but he just seemed off-limits to her... Maybe it was the way he acted, all stupid, and pretending he hated girls.
"Really?!" He yelled happily, practically tackling her. Leaning over her, as she laid against the couch, they smiled.
"Yeah, really." It was the sort of confession you'd get in fairy tales... But, Aya liked it that way... She... really liked it... Feeling a bit red in the face, she lifted her head up, and met lips with the blonde boy, feeling how soft and cold they were. No shock came from the boy, he only kissed back, at least twice as hard. Moving away from her mouth, he kissed down her jaw-line. Eventually, he found her soft-spot, and smirked against her neck as she let out a soft moan.
"N-Naruto-Kun," She moaned softly, placing her hands gently on his head.
"Aya-Chan, do you give me permission?"
"F...For what- mmph!" She was cut off roughly, but Naruto's lips crashing against her own. He licked her bottom lip, practically begging for entry. She allowed, and his tounge scanned every part of her mouth, memorizing it for later on. Still kissing the female under him, he pulled her top off, and threw it to the side. Now her bra was showing, silky black. The female now took her turn, and slipped Naruto's shirt off, throwing it with her own.
"Y...You don't mind, right...?" Naruto whispered softly to the female below him, "If... if I do this to you?"
"Of course not, Naruto..." She replied softly, tugging at his pants. He smiled and slipped them off, throwing them with the rest of the clothing. Now he was only in his boxers.
"This isn't fair," He muttered, obviously saying that she hadn't taken her skirt off. Sighing softly, she obediantly took it off and dropped it by the side of the couch. Neither of them wanted to pleasure each other, they just wanted it to happen, to become one. Naruto awkwardly pulled her panties off, and placed them softly down on the floor. He felt butterflies in his stomach, and a pressure down below. He positioned him self, waiting for the go.
"I don't think I'm ready for this," Aya muttered softly, "Can we do this another time- AH!" She was cut off roughly as she felt a pain in her stomach, "I...it hurts, Naruto-Kun... It hurts-"
"You're fine," He said softly, gently thrusting him self every few seconds. The pain in her stomach became a constant pleasure, and she was enjoying it more and more.
"M...More, Please..." She managed to mutter softly. But it was almost over, their climax's were approaching. With one last thrust, it was over, and the blonde male withdrew, and leaned over her, shaking slightly.

"Be mine, Aya, and you can't refuse." Naruto said softly.

Oh my gosh! This was so fun to write, because, It just was =). Naru-Chan, I hope you enjoyed it!